Thursday, June 3, 2010


Every New Semester
new semester

After 1st Week
after one week

After 2nd Week
after 2 weeks in college

Ada lagi…

Before the Midterm Exam
before mid term

During the Midterm Exam
during mid term exam

After the Midterm Exam
after mid term exam

Before the Final Exam
before final end exams

After Seeing the Schedule of the Final Exams
exam schedule

7 Days before the Finals
seven days before finals

6 Days before Finals
6 days before finals
5 Days before Finals
five days

4 Days before Finals
4 days

3 Days before Finals
three days

2 Days before Finals
two days before final exams

1 Day before Finals (Night before the Final Exam)
night before final exams

1 Hour before Final Exam
one hour before exam

During Final Exam
during exams

After coming out of the Examination Hall
after exam

After College during Holidays
that is what collge is all about

Haha! Itulah dia kehidupan seorang pelajar..